After browsing through my sites you will have the gist of what is unique and special about me and BLANKE Kommunikationskultur GmbH - A Culture of Communication - even though it is in German.
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Now here is a "marine" chapter to enjoy about ships: leader-ship e.g.

How to spell COACHING...

Compass - It shows you where to steer your leader-ship when you're "at sea" and helps you find your destination.

Orientation is a result of this counselling process which helps you to train your perception and trains you to organize yourself. Through the integration of helpful patterns of interpretation and physical/psychic behaviour you will be able to steer your own course.

Advantages of Coaching: The personal atmosphere and intimacy of the coaching process are prerequisites for growth and development. Coaching is an effective, client-centred form of professional counselling. Have a look at the references to my work.

Cultural differences are Challenges to your professional attitudes and behaviour.
You have come to Germany as an English speaking management person? In order to be able to communicate appropriately with customers and staff you are eager to learn about German culture, values and mentality, about laws and customs, about the Dos and the Don'ts. You have some command of German but would prefer to be coached in English. Cross-cultural coaching will teach you how to move confidently at work and at social functions, how to avoid tacky topics in conversation. Wining and dining will become a relaxed experience for you. You will differentiate between different working styles and "read" German body language. Your being different will become an asset in your leadership. You begin to understand German mentality and national character. You move comfortably and competently in your host country.

Habits die hard. Therefore the coaching process is designed to last for some time - usually from six meetings of 90 minutes each upwards. You will make a contract about the frequency and duration of the meetings as well as about the objectives you want to reach.

Integration of different approaches gives coaching unsurpassed intellectual scope and emotional depth. Different methods such as counselling, confrontation, support and analysis are based on NLP, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt. BLANKE Kommunikationskultur GmbH A Culture of Communication is absolutely independent from sects of all kinds. Have a look at the guiding principles.

Normally coaching sessions will take place at your office; you decide on the venue. Telephone contacts have also proven to be effective, especially at short notice.

Get your anchor weighed - Coaching will ease your burden and cast ballast over board. Overhaul your Leader-ship! Stay afloat though you maybe at sea. Set a promising new course with BLANKE Kommunikationskultur GmbH A Culture of Communication Coaching - the best course towards competent leadership across cultures.